Rider Info

Race Schedule

9:00am – Masters 35+/55+ Cat 3/4 (B Masters)/ U19 Men/ U19 Women

10:00am -Cat 3 Men (I know,  your very own field!)

11:00am – Cat 4 Women / Pro 1/2/3 Women (staggered start/ separate prizes)

12:00pm – Singlespeed Intergalactic Championship/ Tandem CX WERLD SHAMPIONSHIPS

1:00pm – Elite Men/Collegiate “A” Men

2:00pm – Cat 4 Men/Collegiate “C” Men/ U19 Men

General Information


USCF Permit Pending

All riders must present a valid USCF license at registration and sign an event release form (minors must have a parent/guardian sign). One-day and annual licenses will be available for purchase at registration and are only applicable to Cat 4 (Men) and Cat 3/4 (Women) events.
$5 discount on second race entry for same registrant.

Mountain bikes without bar ends are allowed in USCF races. Singlespeeds must have at least one brake mounted, per USA Cycling rulebook. $5 late fee for race-day registration.


ECCC Cyclocross Series:
This race is part of the ECCC Cyclocross Series. If you are a current full-time student at an ECCC school, you are eligible for competition in the series. ECCC series standings will be tracked from results of collegiate riders in traditional USCF cyclocross categories. At registration, all collegiate riders must acknowledge that they are competing in the series.

For separate starts, groups are staged with a gap, stay where they are on the line, and are started at 30-second intervals. Promoter reserves the right to combine categories.

All riders will be staged in at the discretion of the promoter.

Wolf’s Pond Park is in a residential neighborhood, so please be courteous to our neighbors, we are their guests. Public restrooms will be available, and anyone caught urinating anywhere other than the restrooms will be DQ’d and asked to leave. Alcohol is not permitted within the park.

For more info, contact NYCX at newyorkcross@gmail.com,  (646)-709-9712


Registration: Register online at BikeReg.com. Online Registration closes on Thursday, November 11, at high noon. Number pick up will be at Wolf’s Pond Park. Registration will close 15 minutes prior to each event.

register here: http://www.bikereg.com/events/register.asp?eventid=11684



  1. i just registered for the b master mens i dont have a cx bike so is it possible to reserve one of the demo bikes for that race. do i bring my own pedals? thanks

    • Call Van Dessel in advance…they rent demo bikes for $25….great bikes at that. Reserve at least by Monday the week of the race.

  2. No bike but you registered anyway? Wow. You may end up doing one of two things. Hope you can put some ‘cross tires on your road bike and have clearance for you brakes. Better still, some ‘cross race promoters allow mountain bikes as long as the bar ends are removed from the handlebars. Good luck.

  3. does anybody know about just getting a just a 1 DAY License…in order to race?

    • one day licenses will be available at the race- thanks!

  4. Yo,
    I’m new to cross but i dont think i can make it there by 730. Is the 12PM 2/3/4 ok?

    • you could, but it promises to be a harder, longer race

  5. why is the beach run called the beach run? is that area just completely unrideable ? or is it a section that you must get off your bike to run?

    • you’re welcome to try and ride it…

  6. I have never done a cyclo cross race. How long is the race? Which category would I race in? I’m 40 yrs old.

    • cat 4

  7. I’m racing the cat 4 race at 2pm. What time would you suggest getting to the race site? I’m trying to squeeze in a couple hours of work in the AM. I’m coming from Long Island so it’ll take me a couple hours to get there. Thanks!

  8. “Alcohol is not permitted within the park.”

    Huh? No beer?? We can’t do it without beer!

  9. Is the course MTB worthy?

    My options are a road bike with 26 and 28 tires or a mountain bike. Because it hasn’t rained in over a week, I figured the course would be really dry and I could make do with the small tires? yes?

  10. Great Job this year! The technical section in the back made the course much more interesting & challenging. Thanks for all your work.


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