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While we’re waiting for the officials from the race to get their you-know-what together and send us the final results,  i’ve pooled together all the media from race day.  Because let’s face it:  Awesome race photos are why most of us race…  right? … Right??

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Kevin Dillard (

Anthony Skorochod (

Marco Quezada (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Patrick Littlefield:

Bill Moore:

David Trimble:

Joe Lawler


Video by David C.:

SICX 2- 2009 from David Chomowicz on Vimeo.



You asked for it, you got it!

click the link below for a google spreadsheet of the race results

Note:  Singlespeed results are still a bit Eff’ed –  we’re awaiting corrected results from the officials.   sorry for the inconvenience!  Less gears,  Mo’ Problems…

Because Greg Lemond Says So

When someone like Greg Lemond Tells you to do something (“Don’t do drugs!”) you listen.  it’s as simple as that.  We showed up to the Greg Lemond Fundraiser a few weeks back to meet the legend himself.  And wouldn’t you know it:  Greg loves cyclocross!   He  used to race it back in the day, an when we told him about our little race, he swooned over how great CX is.   He also wants you to sign up for our race-  so do what the man says and Preregister today!




The promoters of SICX understand you have a lot of choices for racing during the Thanksgiving holiday, so we’ve put together this FAQ to give a few more reasons to come to NYC and hang out on Wu-Tang’s turf:

Q: What does SICX mean?
A: SICX is our way of abbreviating Staten Island Cyclocross. Isn’t SICX much easier? Yes, yes it is.

Q: When is SICX?
A: Sunday November 29

Q: Where is SICX?
A: Uh… on Staten Island

Q: No, really… Where’s the race?
A: Wolfe’s Pond Park: The park is next to the Staten Island University Hospital and right off of the main drag, Hylan Boulevard (420 Cornelia Ave, Staten Island, NY 10312)

Q: Is that really in NYC?
A: Yes, Staten Island is a part of NYC. It’s one of the 5 boroughs of our lovely metropolis.

Q: How far is it from my house?
A: Glad you asked!

Distance from Albany: 176 miles or 2.75 hours
Distance from Philadelphia: 75.6 miles or 80 minutes
Distance from Phillipsburg, NJ: 61 miles or 60 minutes
Distance from Danbury, CT: 96 miles or 90 minutes
Distance from Manhattan/Brooklyn: Well that depends on how you’d like to travel: Via car, 27 miles from Central Park or 26 miles from Prospect Park

Public Transportation: Take the Staten Island Ferry to Staten Island- then Hop on the Staten Island Commuter Rail and take it to Prince’s Bay. See the Staten Island Commuter Rail Schedules pdf for full schedule (Page 8 – Sunday Service to Tottenville).

Q: What if my husband/wife/bf/gf/buddy/housemate/neighbor/uncle/cellmate wants to come? Will there be anything for him/her to do?
A: YES! Bring them! We’ll have food, music, racing to watch, etc. If they want to race get in touch and we’ll set them up with a demo bike (supplied limited)

Q: Tell me more about the food and other things you mentioned
A: OK. We’ll have a spread of traditional Belgian fare presented by Wafels & Dinges available for purchase all day, including wafels AND Croque Monsieurs, AND bacon (courtesy of Wellshire Farms). DJ Kendra will be cranking out music from dawn to dusk (if you consider 8AM dawn), and if the foul weather returns for another battle with our riders then we’ll have a bunch of huge party tents to keep you warm and dry while the riders get to suffer.
Please arrive early, CJ will likely eat all of the bacon.

Q: Music, huh? Do you mean real music or “bike race music”? You know what I’m talking about, right?
A: Yes, we know what you are talking about (wink wink). There won’t be any trance/rave/spin class music at SICX. You’ll have the unique experience of going totally anaerobic while Slayer pounds your skull with every pass of the DJ tent. Yeah, it’s going to be like that. If you would like to send music requests for the day, please do so:

Q: If I hear any trance, may I punch you in the face?
A: Yes, but with fair warning please.

Q: But I have a race in my home state that day, so why should I come to SICX?
A: Because our race is simply more fun. It might not have a big series with points and huge cash prizes, but we offer a very challenging course, great food, great entertainment, and we’re so close to every major roadway there’s no reason you can’t find a way to get here! That, plus our race is more fun. Trust us.

Q: But it’s Thanksgiving weekend and traffic is going to suck, right?
A: Actually, it’s not that bad. You’ll experience far worse traffic heading up to Massachusetts for Baystate and have to endure the worst traffic known to man by heading south to the MABRA Championships. So split the difference and come to Staten Island. It’s south of Manhattan and just off of exit 13A of the NJ Turnpike (The Holland Tunnel is exit 14), which is very easy to find from all of the major roadways.

Q: Can you give me any reason why I shouldn’t go to SICX on Sunday November 29?
A: Yes, you hate having a good time.

To register, please visit:

For any other questions, feel free to email us at!

See you on the Rock!

Jed, CJ, Mike, and John

Time to glue the Tubies…

Ah, the hump of the cross season- with a little over a month to go, this season has already been full of epic races and 45 minute stints in the pain cave. After races like Granogue and Gloucester, I can tell you that racing tubulars this season has been a huge plus. And from my observations, its also been full of opportunities for people to roll their tubular tires due to shoddy gluing technique!

Gluing a Tubular CX tire is a bit more involved than gluing a road tire. The tire itself is put under higher tortional stress, and sharp turns with pressures as low as 25 psi practically beg the tubie to let go of its wheel.

I figured this would be a great opportunity to educate people who are interested in gluing CX Tubies the right way. However, since the only experience i have with glue is the huffing i did in high school, I reached out to Gabe Lloyd, co-founder of Echappe Equipment. and look at that, Echappe also happens to be one of our proud sponsors for Staten CX! Consider it a pre-emptive gift (now go pre-reg, already!)

Pre-Register now for a chance to win a Kona Major One, courtesy of StatenCX, Kona, and NYC Velo!



Jed Kornbluh

Christophe Jammet


Pre-Register now for a chance to win a Kona Major One, courtesy of StatenCX, Kona, and NYC Velo!

October 21, 2009, NEW YORK — What’s better than 10-speed? ONE SPEED! Kona Bicycles and NYC Velo have teamed up with StatenCX 2009 with a very special incentive to pre-register for the November 29 event. All riders pre-registered by Sunday November 15 will be entered to win a Kona Major One frameset and, if that wasn’t enough… any rider who pre-registers for the Singlespeed Open/Tandem Open will receive an additional entry for two chances to win.

The promoters of StatenCX asked a few riders about the contest:

“This contest is so PRO.” Kyle Peppo, Toga/Gotham GS, New York City
“I am stoked to learn that Kona has given a Major One frameset to the people at SICX.  The chance to win one of these puppies would open up the possibility to experience a new level of “Cyclocross Pain”.  Racing on the Kona Major One would be an experience of epic proportions that few can understand but all can enjoy.” – Craig “Lebarrier” Lebair, Philadelphia Ciclismo, Philadelphia

“You can never have enough ‘cross bikes, especially if they’re free!  Adding another incentive to race StatenCX is great.  It already had the most to offer last year with the food, genuine cyclocross weather, and a super fun and technical course.  I plan on racing both the B race and the Singlespeed Open race, since the course seems like it would be such a good time on a singlespeed! I love cyclocross!” – Sam Fiorino, Danny’s Cycles, West Chester

“Nothing says Staten Island better than Wu-Tang, White Castle, and Kona Major One.   I’m stoked to be part of injecting some Cross Crusade love into the NYCX scene.” –Patrick Wilder, Cyclepath Racing, Portland

To enter the drawing, go to and pre-register!. All entries are eligible for the drawing, which will be held after the Singlespeed Open event.

NYC Velo is a different kind of bike shop. Opened in May 2005, it is owned by cyclists, for cyclists. The shop is staffed by bike professionals, who are dedicated to offering the highest quality customer service in New York.  They are the top shop in the city when it comes to cyclocross; offering bikes and equipment from brands such as Kona. Independent Fabrications, Felt, Challenge, Tufo, and many others.  For additional information on NYC Velo:

Staten CX’s 2008 event was the first cyclocross race in NYC in nearly a decade and featured Belgian waffles, courtesy of Wafels & Dinges, celebrity chef Matt Sigel of Hell’s Kitchen manning the BBQ, and plenty of food and drink from Wellshire Farms, Schaller & Weber, and Honest Tea Beverages.

For additional information on the Kona Major One:


Check regularly for race and sponsor updates

StatenCX Announces “Collegiate Challenge”


October 14, 2009; NEW YORK, NY– Recently, the promoters of StatenCX hired an expert panel of college-aged cyclocross racers to determine the best method of attracting collegiate riders to the event. Though “Free Race Entry” was the most favorable option, “FREE BEER” was a close 2nd, with gas money, free transportation, and free laundry service rounding out the Top 5. And thus, the StatenCX 2009 Collegiate Challenge was born!

It’s simple: The team with the most riders pre-registered by November 15th will receive a case of Dogfish Head Punkin Ale, courtesy of StatenCX and it’s event partners. Team members may register via and must do so by high noon on November 15th.

Race organizer Jed Kornbluh’s thoughts on the Collegiate Challenge: “While the winning team can’t consume their prize on NYC Park property, we’re sure it will be consumed with pleasure by the end of the day. We’re very happy to support the local collegiate cycling community and hope to introduce a more refined beer to palettes more attuned to the subtle flavors of Natty Light or Old Milwaukee. We do this for the youths.”

The 2008 event was the first cyclocross race in NYC in nearly a decade and featured free Belgian waffles, courtesy of Wafels & Dinges and, celebrity chef Matt Sigel of Hell’s Kitchen manning the BBQ, and plenty of food and drink from Wellshire Farms, Schaller & Weber, and Honest Tea Beverages.

The day’s events begin at 8AM with novice races and will run with events each hour until the end of the Elite Race (Category Pro/1/2), which starts at 2PM.

Registration available only at

For more information on the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference:

For additional information, contact: