Time to glue the Tubies…

Ah, the hump of the cross season- with a little over a month to go, this season has already been full of epic races and 45 minute stints in the pain cave. After races like Granogue and Gloucester, I can tell you that racing tubulars this season has been a huge plus. And from my observations, its also been full of opportunities for people to roll their tubular tires due to shoddy gluing technique!

Gluing a Tubular CX tire is a bit more involved than gluing a road tire. The tire itself is put under higher tortional stress, and sharp turns with pressures as low as 25 psi practically beg the tubie to let go of its wheel.

I figured this would be a great opportunity to educate people who are interested in gluing CX Tubies the right way. However, since the only experience i have with glue is the huffing i did in high school, I reached out to Gabe Lloyd, co-founder of Echappe Equipment. and look at that, Echappe also happens to be one of our proud sponsors for Staten CX! Consider it a pre-emptive gift (now go pre-reg, already!)


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