Sponsor Update- Schaller & Weber- It’s officially a sausage fest!


I’m as giddy as a plump schoolgirl right now. Schaller & Weber has agreed to be the official sausage sponsor of Staten ‘Cross!

What does that mean for you??

Brats, franks, and lots of ’em.

Located on 86th and 2nd, Schaller & Weber is the only American sausage and processed meat manufacturer to consistently and repeatedly receive the coveted Gold Medals of Honor awarded at International Exhibitions in Holland, Austria, and Germany. Since opening on the upper east side in 1937, Schaller & Weber has been a family run business whose products are synonymous with quality. My family’s been going there for years, and if my coach’s disappointment about my body fat % is any indicator, they make some delicious sausage! Schaller & Weber’s Award-winning Brats and ‘Franks will be on the grill on race day – be sure to try one!




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  2. i showed this to my girlfriend and she can’t wait to try some new sausage after years of the same ole’, same ole’…

  3. Damn, Bill looks super-creepy. Wait… Bill IS creeeepy.

  4. But Bill’s sausage will not be available at this race. It is only the ever predictable Schaller and Weber variety. If looking for the real weiss wurst please come to next weekend’s USGP of Portland.

    Was that creepy?

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