Stepins and Barriers: Thanks Myles! Thanks Gus!

Gus‘Cross without stepins and barriers is like bowling without gutters and pins. Unfortunately, the hardware is very expensive and the cost is a real barrier to staging a race (especially a race for charity).

Thanks to Myles Romanov, promoter of Whitmore’s Landscaping Super Cross Cup in Southampton, and Gus (pictured), owner of the Bike Stop in Astoria, we now have enough stepins to stage Staten CX. And we have two big, heavy, UCI compliant barriers to make your racing life blissfully miserable.

The chain of events was mafia-esque. After Sunday’s race, Colin “Legs” Prensky and Christophe “The Heckler” Jammet loaded Gus’s truck with Myle’s stepins and barriers. [Update: CJ and Prensky enlisted other inhabitants of the Techno House to break down the course. See Kendra’s comment!]

Gus drove the goods to Astoria from Southampton. And finally I drove the “hardware” to our storage space in Staten Island with the enigmatic Alex Gulla. The storage lot was barren, spare a black limo and some guys unloading Pepperidge Farm cookies.

The Lot

Without disclosing the exact location (you know, the underworld of ‘cross can be a very a scary place), I can assure you that the stepins and barriers are within walking distance of the race. Thanks Gus! Thanks Myles!

dscn22721And the Pepperidge Farm guys gave us cookies on the way out! What surreal luck! Unless, of course, Staten CX has unknowingly become an accomplice to a cookie racket.



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  1. ahem… i think kendra “awesome” borowski, kyle “peppy” peppo, tony “hungover” slokar and evelyn “speedy” stevens need a call out for pulling out 2 miles of stepins in 35 degree weather

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