VisitFlanders.US, Wafels and Dinges, and Velo Classic Tours! Waffle Heaven!

Sometimes the stars align. You get the hole shot, you float atop mud while others fall face first, and you beat the teenager half your age and half your size. ‘Cross is typically void of such good luck but on November 30th, 2008 that will change.

Staten CX is witnessing an epic confluence of sport, food, and charitable giving. Everyone’s a winner. No joke. It all started with a shot-in-the-dark call. And now behold … Free Belgian Waffles.

Giving Life, the official site of the Tourist Office for Flanders, Belgium in US, along with famous NYC waffle vendor Wafels and Dinges will be serving up FREE WAFFLES from 11AM until supplies run out. will also be giving away CHOCOLATE if you sign up on their wonderful email newsletter. The idea is that waffles bring out racers and spectators which in turn help us donate more money to I Challenge Myself (ICM). So by racing, eating, and cheering you’re doing a good post-Thanksgiving gluttony deed!

Thomas DeGeest from W&D is a huge cycling fan and is very excited to participate. Remember, in Belgium ‘cross is like NASCAR but with better beer, better food, and an actual sporting activity taking place.

Sharing the’ tent will be Velo Classic Tours, the only U.S. tour operator offering trips to the Spring Classics in Belgium. Peter Easton from Velo Classic Tours along with Elke van Bree from will be on hand to talk cycling in Flanders.

If you refer to this graph, you’ll notice that calories burned by 200 racers (140,000) will be nicely offset by consumption of 140 waffles (assuming you heap every possible topping on your waffle).

CaloriesSometimes there is such thing as a free lunch! We’re extremely grateful for the addition of these three sponsors and look forward to throngs of well fed spectators and racers.



  1. Way cool. Best part is that there is a direct cycling connection to this sponsor.

  2. i’m SO getting my waffle on…

  3. I was searching for waffles and came across this site. I’ve been wanting to try cyclocross for years but didn’t have a way to get out to the races. I’m so excited to learn that I can try it in my very own city! Can’t wait to get my waffle on in Staten Island!!

  4. Great, now when I get off the red eye I won’t have to stop at White Castle!!


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