DJ Kendra

A CX race without killer music is like having a cheeseburger without bacon-   you can do it, but it’s not reccomended.   That’s why we’re thrilled to annouce the Kendra will be DJing the race all day!

Kendra is typically found DJing in techno clubs and bars, but thanks to her bike-obsessed friends, she has landed gigs at a new nightlife venue: crits and ‘cross races. If you went fast because of the music at the Harlem Crit, you can thank Kendra and get psyched again because she’ll be blasting the adrenaline jams for speed again in Staten Island. One can only tell what the crowd that day will inspire her to play but she is preparing by loading up on AC/DC, Van Halen, GN’R and Rammstein. Welcome to the Jungle!



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  1. DeBarge gets me going! Play me some Rhythm of the Night!

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