Call Ups For Preregistered CRCA Racers

As a show of appreciation for the Century Road Club Association’s support we will be issuing call ups to preregistered CRCA racers in their respective categories. Without the hard work of CRCA volunteers there would no Staten CX.

The call up could mean different things to different people. If you’re new to ‘cross, this will be absolutely terrifying and you will probably saying something like “uh, no, that is OK, I’ll just hang here in the back”.

Good Bad

No! No! No! There is no “hanging in the back” in ‘cross. You will soon learn that a call up is a gift from the ‘cross gods. You can’t count on picking your nose for two hours and then sprinting for the win. And if you don’t plan to win, it is still the place to be:


1 Comment

  1. Pshaw! I rolled up to the start (was hard to find behind that line of trees!) of Cross at Craigmeur last year as the last racers were pulling away, still got a respectable finish… 14th of 42 racers. Oh, you mean to WIN???

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